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Who We Are

It’s all about Natural & Organic Products!

OAUSTAR PTY LTD is an Australian owned and operated business based in Sydney, New
South Wales, established in 2018.  Since then, OAUSTAR provides great customer service
(24*7) and Sell Australian Made Products across Australia. We have 15000+ customers so
far across Australia with 1000+ positive feedback!
OAUSTAR only sells trusted & genuine products like 100% Natural Organic Hair Growth Oil
Treatment (100ml & 200ml pack), Natural Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Castor Oil and Natural
Beard Oil. After receiving 1000+ positive reviews from our customer, OAUSTAR also
introduced other products such as Baby Blooming Bathmat (Pink, Blue, Yellow and Grey)
under Baby Products. Furthermore, OAUSTAR also introduced and expanded categories
under Outdoor with an Inverted Upside-Down C- Handle Umbrellas (5 awesome colours) so
you know that you are purchasing a product that sticks to your expectation & values. We
offer Gift Pack to your love one with our premium quality so you can gift to your love ones.
OAUSTAR is now available its store across the globe and customers from Australia, USA,
UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy can buy our products and, most importantly, we are
wherever you are, on the web. That’s How OAUSTAR always connected with you!
OAUSTAR were setting up and supplying a variety of genuine products in most of all
Categories such as Baby Products, Hair Care Products, Outdoor Home Products when we
observed the considerable needs for our customers across the world and Australia to
purchase our products in a simple and safe way via eCommerce. As we are Australian, and
we started this business in Australia, we used a name that makes us proud of this wonderful
land. That is how OAUSTAR is established! Over the time, we’ve grown right along with the
booming usage of our products like 100% Natural Organic Hair Growth Oil Treatment (100ml
& 200ml pack), Natural Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Castor Oil and Natural Beard Oil, Baby
Blooming Bath Mat, Inverted Reverse Umbrella, plus many more and today we have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers across the world and Australia.
Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us on 0424 049 004 or [email protected]

ABN: 95651656101

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