At Oaustar, we are committed to maintaining the integrity and reliability of our platform by preventing fraudulent and spammy reviews. We recognize the importance of genuine feedback from our users and take proactive measures to identify and address any fraudulent or spammy activities.

1. Review Monitoring

We employ advanced monitoring systems and algorithms to continuously scan reviews submitted on our platform. These systems analyze various factors, including language patterns, and user behavior, and review content, to identify potential instances of fraud or spam.

2. Manual Review Process

Our team conducts manual reviews of flagged reviews to assess their authenticity. This process involves carefully analyzing review content, user profiles, and any associated evidence to determine the legitimacy of the review.

3. Verification Procedures

To ensure the credibility of reviews, we may implement verification procedures such as email verification, phone verification, or other authentication methods. Verified reviews carry more weight and are prioritized in our platform’s rankings.

4. User Reporting Mechanism

We encourage our users to report any suspicious or fraudulent reviews they encounter. Our reporting mechanism allows users to flag reviews for review by our team, ensuring swift action against fraudulent activities.

5. Action Against Violators

Upon identifying fraudulent or spammy reviews, we take immediate action to mitigate their impact. This may include removing the review, suspending or banning the user account associated with the review, and implementing measures to prevent future violations.