Best Beard Oil Australia for Men [Beard Growth Oil]

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  • Best Beard Oil Australia for Men
  • Beard Oil for Smooth Hair
  • Beard Oil Australia
  • Organic Beard Oil For Soften, Smooths, Strengthens Beard Growth
  • 100% Organic Beard Oil with Jojoba, Argan, and Vitamin E so that your Beard and Moustaches will grow faster.
  • No Itching or Scratching Beard
  • For Bold & Sharp Beard
  • Scent Free.
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Best Beard Oil Australia for Men: Oaustar high-quality beard oil product will nourish your facial hair, as well as your face. It softens your facial hair, lessens itching, and promotes better-looking and healthier beards.


The majority of beard oils smell and can be used as some kind of cologne, but you shouldn’t be overly extravagant with your use. Beard oils that are good for you can aid in the development of thicker, stronger facial hair.

Best Beard Oil Australia for Men [Beard Growth Oil]


OAUSTAR Beard Growth Oil Benefits:

  • Intense moisturizing properties
  • Helps promote a soft beard
  • Reduces beard itch
  • Reduces beard-dander
  • Adds shine
  • A healing agent helps keep hair and skin healthy
  • Not tested on animals!

Oaustar Beard Growth Oil Ingredients

  • Argan Oil: Traditionally used as a skin treatment in native Moroccan cultures for its healing & moisturizing properties for skin & hair.
  • Avocado Oil: Contains vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E & beta carotene. Not derived from seeds but pressed from the pulp of the avocado flesh. It is monosaturated & great for the skin.
  • Coconut Oil: Very similar in characteristics to your skin’s natural oils. It is one of the most absorptive oils so it soaks in & strengthens the follicles without leaving you greasy.
  • Jojoba Oil: Rich in vitamin E which is a potent anti-oxidant. It is made up of long, narrow molecules that have a natural affinity to the skin for deep moisturization.
  • Sunflower Oil: A very light oil that absorbs well into the hair and helps keep the overall formulation light in color which is great for grey & blonde beards.
  • Vitamin E: An amazing anti-oxidant, vitamin E also helps to preserve the beard oil so that it lasts you longer, even with repeated exposure to oxygen.
Best Beard Oil for Men
Best Beard Oil for Men

How to Apply Oaustar Beard Growth Oil

1. Start with a freshly washed BEARD

Make sure to wash your beard thoroughly in the shower, and then dry your hair immediately following. The beard should be damp but not completely dry since oil and water don’t mix, and your meticulously applied oil won’t stick to your hair if it is wet in the first place.

2. Apply on the Skin 

It may seem odd it’s not, but we’re here to inform you that understanding how to apply beard oil for your face and facial hair can help to stimulate hair growth. Apply about 2-4 drops of Oaustar beard growth oil to your hands before you apply.

If you’re new to the process you can start with fewer drops and then see how you feel before you try more, based on the length of your beard obviously. Use your hands to ensure that it’s evenly spread. begin by pressing your oily hands onto the skin, making sure that the oil is first hydrating the skin, then the root that makes up your hair.

best beard oil
best beard oil

3. Apply to Beard lengths

Once you’ve applied the oil on the hair and skin then you can begin to work on the remainder of your beard. Work through all the beard’s lengths using the form of a swipe. Make sure to brush your neck with your hands to remove the hair as well, and if you’ve got a mustache, make use of your fingers to focus on the area as well.

4. Finish with a COMB

Also, you should use a beard comb that distributes the oil evenly across to encourage soft and well-conditioned hair. We recommend a strong wooden comb, rather than one made of plastic.

Oaustar Beard Growth Oil Package Includes:

  • 1 Pack of 100ml or 200 ml OAUSTAR Beard Growth Oil Bottle

If you are a recurring customer and you like Australia’s Best Beard Growth Oil in 2024, then choose our Beard Oil Subscription, where you will get an additional 15% off. Also, we are offering an additional discount of 15% for influencers, so for that do contact us via email or the Contact Us page.


1 Pack of Beard Oil, 2 Pack of Beard Oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews

This softens beards making them easier to brush out leaving it with shine and conditioned with less dry breakage.

James Riggs
Nice Beard Oil

I’ve had a short beard For about 15 years, and often the skin under the beard will flake depending on weather conditions and how much I’ve been outside. This beard oil is a great product for keeping your skin moisturized under your beard or mustache. It’s the one thing I always have in my medicine cabinet.

Bobby West
Still pretty good stuff

I have particularly thick hair, and this beard oil is one of the few products that can tame it into submission. It has allowed me to grow my beard longer than I usually do without it getting out of control. It also does a great job at combating dry skin.

Took a chance and haven't regretted it!

I've been a mustache farmer for half a decade now, and this oil has now become a part of my nightly routine. I massage it into my mustache at night, and now for the 1+ week that I've used it, my mustache is softer, and way more manageable! I put it on my face as wel

Kenric Pierce

It smells good, my wife likes it when I put it on my beard, it hydrates a lot, and it softens the beard when I put it on, from the start the smell is pleasant.
After applying it it is something different, but it is still pleasant.

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