Tips for Applying Castor Oil to Eyelashes Effectively

If you’re looking to achieve longer, thicker, and fuller lashes naturally, castor oil for eyelashes is an excellent remedy to try. Rich in ricinoleic acid and omega fatty acids, castor oil conditions the hair follicles on your eyelids, promoting growth. The antioxidants also protect lashes from damage. Using Castor Oil to Eyelashes can boost eyelash growth significantly if applied properly and consistently.

How Castor Oil Promotes Eyelash Growth

The fatty acids and vitamin E in castor oil nourish the follicles, allowing the lashes to grow unhindered. Ricinoleic acid improves circulation to the area, supplying more nutrients. Applying castor oil also thickens each strand, making lashes appear denser. The oil’s humectant properties prevent brittleness and breakage too. Overall, castor oil strengthens and conditions eyelashes for optimal growth.

Choosing the Right Castor Oil

Cold-Pressed vs Refined

Cold-pressed, unrefined castor oil is preferable, as the extraction process preserves more nutrients. Refined versions may be deodorized and stripped of benefits. Oaustar Castor Oil is one of the top rated castor oil in australia.

Organic vs Conventional

Organic castor oil ensures the castor beans are not treated with pesticides or chemicals. This keeps the oil in its purest form.

Application Tips


Cleanse eyes first – mascara, makeup and dirt prevents the oil from penetrating. Use a gentle makeup remover suitable for sensitive eyes and lashes.


Brush lashes pre-application to separate and untangle them, improving coverage. Use a clean spooly wand.

Applying the Oil

Use a clean mascara wand or cotton swab to brush oil along the roots of top and bottom lashes. Apply carefully to avoid getting oil in eyes.


After applying, gently massage the oil into lash lines using fingertips. This boosts blood circulation for better growth.

Leave it On Overnight

Let the oil absorb for optimum conditioning. Leaving it on overnight provides the most benefits.

Other Lash Care Tips


Eat biotin and collagen rich foods like eggs, citrus fruits, nuts and green leafy veggies to nourish lashes.

Lash Conditioner

Use a natural lash conditioner containing peptides and proteins in the daytime under makeup.

Avoid Extensions

Steer clear of lash extensions, which damage follicles. Let castor oil boost your natural lashes instead.

How Long to See Results?

With regular use – applying castor oil 3-5x a week – results are visible in 4-6 weeks. Lashes appear longer, thicker and stronger. For full effects, continue use for 3-6 months.

Potential Side Effects

If castor oil gets in eyes, it may cause irritation, stinging and blurred vision. Always apply carefully along the lash line. Test for allergies before use. Discontinue if any reaction occurs.


Q: Does castor oil really work for eyelash growth?
A: Yes, castor oil is proven to boost lash length, thickness and fullness. The fatty acids nourish follicles, enabling growth.

Q: Can I use castor oil on eyelashes everyday?
A: Yes, daily use can maximize results. Apply along the lash line before bed, letting it absorb overnight.

Q: How do I apply castor oil to my eyelashes?
A: Cleanse eyes first. Use a clean mascara wand or cotton swab to brush oil from root to tip along top and bottom lashes.

Q: When should I apply castor oil for eyelash growth?
A: Before bed is best, letting the oil soak in overnight while you sleep. Apply after removing makeup and cleansing.

Q: Does castor oil change eye color?
A: No, castor oil does not alter eye color. It only affects the eyelashes.

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